Cleaning a PVM with non-conductive cleaner

RedFoxZero just posted a video showing how he cleans the insides of his PVM using non-conductive electronics cleaner.  While I would have discharged the tube first, this is a perfectly safe way to clean your monitors, arcade boards and any other electronics device.  Just make sure it’s fully dried before powering it back on…leaving it in […]

SmokeMonster’s NYC meetup with Bob & the iFixMachine Arcade crew

I posted a public Patreon blog of my travels to the USA for the past four weeks, including lots of pictures and details from the IFixMachine Arcade meetup with RetroRGB and the NYC crew. I’m now back in Brazil and ready to RAWK!!   #smokemonster, #secondopiniongames, #evanamos, #ifixarcade, #beast1x1, #tastychicken, #cruzlink, #ifixretro, 

8BitDo DIY Wireless Kits

8BitDo is now offering wireless kits for existing controllers.  You can replace the guts of your NES, SNES, NES/SNES Classic and Genesis 6-button controllers with their bluetooth kit.  They share the same compatibility as their other controllers, which include PC, Mac, Mobile and Nintendo Switch compatibility: Their “RetroReceiver” dongles are also required for use in […]