Arcade / MAME

Arcade & Console Emulation

This section provides guides on how to use emulation software to play arcade games.  At the moment, my favorite method is using a Raspberry Pi.

Newer emulation solutions:

Rasberry Pi Arcade Box

This guide shows you how to configure a Raspberry Pi to output a 240p signal and load arcade emulators.


There’s software called Lakka that’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi.  It’s becoming my favorite arcade emulation software and it does other consoles as well.


 Big Blue

While I’ve never personally used it, I’ve been told Big Blue is an excellent solution for Windows-based arcade cabinets.



Previous soultions:

When I set up my original MAME arcade machine, I used software called MaLa as the front end.  It still works perfect and might be an excellent solution, depending on your setup.

MaLa Front End

Easy Setup – Manual Setup

These pages contain detailed instructions on how to manually download and configure a MaLa / MAME frontend.

Other MaLa Emulators

This page shows how to configure MESS and Mednafen to emulate other systems on your arcade machine.

Using Real Arcade Hardware

This page describes how to use real arcade hardware with your MaLa front end.



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